Gen2Gen is a non-profit educational initiative developed to highlight awareness of the injustices imposed on victims of genocide, racial intolerance and discrimination. Through educational programs Gen2Gen aims to remember the past and teach future generations about the importance of awareness, tolerance and prevention.

Gen2Gen runs a number of programs to achieve its mission:


The REMEMBER ME program encourages young people to understand the concept of memorialisation through meeting survivors of the Holocaust. At the end of the program, the students are presented with a bracelet uniquely engraved with the name of a child who did not survive the atrocities of the Holocaust, their age and place of death and we ask the students to wear this bracelet in memory of this young victim.


A GENOCIDE SYMPOSIA is a lecture series discussing genocide and its effects which is addressed to young adults. This program engages survivors from countries such as Rwanda, Sudan as well as Holocaust Survivors from across Europe and is moderated by an expert University lecturer.

Creative arts exhibition

The CREATIVE ARTS EXHIBITION is a competition aimed at honouring genocide victims. Through various forms of art expression such as poetry, film, paint and drawing, students are asked to fulfil a brief on how to remember the Holocaust after the last survivor is gone.

Cultures without borders

CULTURES WITHOUT BORDERS is an educational initiative designed to encourage religious harmony and social cohesion through the creation of a graffiti wall by young students from different faiths and cultures collaborating with a recognised street artist. The image on the wall evokes the message of tolerance, understanding and inclusiveness.

Click on the following link to view one of our media releases: Cultures without Borders Media Release

For more information, please click on the following link: Cultures without Borders Information

Letters to Principals at Cheltenham Secondary College and Hawthorn West Primary School

If you are incensed by the antisemitic events that have occurred recently at Cheltenham Secondary College and Hawthorn West Primary School, please consider copying these emails and forwarding them to the relevant Principals. Let’s inundate the schools with emails to let them know that this behaviour is not acceptable.

Cheltenham Secondary College Letter: Cheltenham Secondary College

Hawthorn West Primary School Letter: Hawthorn West Primary School

Supporters of "Just Add Love, Holocaust Survivors Share their Stories and Recipes"

This lovely book ‘Just Add Love, Holocaust Survivors Share their Stories and Recipes’ is available for pre-order from Kickstarter at the end of Nov 2018. Delivery before Mother’s Day 2019. More than 20 grandmothers – and 2 grandfathers! – from Israel and Australia share their moving Survival stories and their cooking secrets. Stunning photos. Delicious recipes. Extraordinary stories. And the combination – magic.


My sincere thanks for once again providing the Remember Me Programme for our Barmitzvah boys. Unfortunately, all the regular staff were not available on the night. However, I am pleased that the class went well.

The boys always learn a lot from the presentation, and are left with much to think about as they begin their journeys into adulthood. The bracelets are an especially meaningful momento, and a reminder to them of the responsibilities that we all carry as adult Jews.

May Hashem continue to bless you in all your endeavours.

Wishing you all a Sweet and Meaningful New Year.

With warm regards.

Rabbi Yitzhok Riesenberg – Central Shule

Special thank you to Celia – A Holocaust Survivor, for sharing your stories with the Bar Mitzvah Boys last night. It was a most meaningful evening that we’re sure the boys will cherish. A big than you to Lani Brayer from Gen2Gen for coming and organising this outstanding and vital program – Thank you!

June 8, 2017

Glen Eira Chabad

What a fantastic program!

November 17

J. Hilton – Central Shule

Very inspirational!

June 17 – The Ark

G. Birch

Thank you Gen2Gen for giving our Batmi girls and their grandparents this wonderful learning experience of survival, resilience and the message to stand up for what we believe is right.

June 2017

Chabad Malvern

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